Characters in The Well

MC: (also plays Ringmaster; Pierre, Manic Manny). Life itself. Sets the pace and tone of the musical. Must be versatile and able to play different characters.

DEPRESSION: Aluring, charismatic, seductive, cruel, manipulative, and engaging.

JACK & CAROLE: 1960s couple. Carole can’t understand why Jack is changing. Jack can’t either. Their marriage is in danger. Carole is hiding a significant secret from Jack. Depression and her cousin, Manic Manny, set out to destroy the couple’s marriage.

Jack. Type A personality: on top of the world and going places until bi-polar hits hard.

Carole. She has an awakening as a woman of the 1960s. And she’s keeping a big secret from Jack.

RACHEL: Ages from a girl into a young woman. Victim of depression; hits with her hormones. A fighter by nature. She and Depression go round over round in some literal boxing matches.

LOLA DEVINE: Blues singer. Sultry, tortured. Self-medicates; self-critical. Victim of depression. Looking for validation through the love of a good man.

EDWARD: A handsome, charming man who sweeps Lola off her feet. The only man to ever truly love her, Edward comes face to face with his demons over his love for her.

THE DOPAMINE PLAYERS. Like the traditional Greek Chorus, the DPs emphasize the irony and keep the audience laughing. They interact with the audience and play other The Well characters.